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Do You Think Clark Gable Ever Listened To Anyone Else But Himself? 2019

He was an ex-Navy, Tomcat flying, Outlaw MC motorcycle riding, 18-wheel long haul trucking, 1972 Pontiac LeMans driving old man. He was unworldly and the epitome of my American Dream. It became evident that he lived far away from reality, as the occasional hand written letters turned into page long confessions accompanied with flower bouquets everyday.

An encounter with him was like talking to a character from a movie. He’d talk about scenarios that never happened, like that walk we took in the park three years ago, when I’d only known him for two months. 


I wanted so desperately to feel a connection to the dream he embodied, that somewhere along the way I got lost and overwhelmed by the shame and chaos of deceit.


Drawing connections from playwright, Arthur Miller’s 1961 screenplay, The Misfits. The tape holds our desire for connection, while the transparent images become more and more disjointed, overlapping, and messy. Information is removed and replaced out of context in both the images and text to display the impossibility of communication and impact of love.

In The Misfits, Clark Gable, an aging cowboy, falls in love with a much younger Marilyn Monroe. The film is not about their relationship, but about these lonely characters dealing with their inadequacies, unable to belong to each other and the world.

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