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Center of Photography For Non-Photographers

It’s difficult to live our lives without technology. Our mobile phones are now extensions of our body as  we use them for everything from running businesses to forming and destroying relationships. This powerful tool has been blamed for causing degenerate morals, increasing fears, and is often the dividing line between generations. The Center of Photography for Non-Photographers (CPNP) is a project aimed at teaching users how to engage with the content they consume and produce, while navigating our real lives, online personas, and digital archives.


Through small interactive classes and games, the CPNP teaches accessible and practical methods that are better suited for the 21st century. Class examples include: How To Pose: Yourself and Family, Remembering Media: Dealing with Grief and the Digital Archive, Put Down Your Phone: Meaningful Concert Photography, and Learn How To Document For Insurance Claims, a mystery party game. Sourcing local professionals from various fields to assist with these classes, the CPNP are roaming workshops offering accessible and DIY methods to empower students through image based communication.


Stay Tuned for current list

and locations of classes!

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